The City of Delhi is a major international hub for business, retail and leisure. It’s estimated that 30% of all traffic is drivers looking for a space. SmartApp finds those spaces, cutting congestion and maximising capacity.

"The best parking application"


How It Works


Locate the parking space near you. Choose the best parking spot according to your comfort.

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Select timing

Book and extend your parking as per your comfort.

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Add vehicle Registration number

One need to add vehicle number to book parking on Oh!Ya. It will generate a QR code.

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Pay online and Get your suitable parking space.

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Get QRCode

Park your vehicle where you booked spot is waiting for you.

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Save Cash

By using Oh!Ya you will Pay cheaper parking cost than actual cost. Save your cash with Oh!Ya...

No Parking Tickets

Everyone would love to park without parking tickets as it eliminate the fear of losing parking tickets.

Peacefull Travel

Provides you a peace of mind dring travelling.




  • A Low profile design with advanced hydraulic direct drive double stage cylinders for better lifting performance.
  • Column can be shared between two machines with our special design can save precious space to suit building design.
  • Modularized platform to save shipping, handling and installation cost.
  • Optional 24v electrical locking release for customer safety.
  • Multiple locking positions give protection during both rise up and lower down.
  •  Used for family and office building.
  •  Galvanized platform guarantee land lasting lifetime.
  •  Corrugated deck guarantees safety of driver and vehicle under any weather condition.


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